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Chen Style Taiji/Taichi

'Taijiquan (or Taichi) practice requires the principles governing its practice such as the integration of correct body posture, technique and mental discipline. Without them the essence of Taijiquan is lost.'

What is lacking in today's Taijiquan?

Taijiquan nowadays is commonly practiced at a very gentle and relaxed pace, so much so that it gives rise to a misunderstanding of what it is all about. Most people taking up Taijiquan would have learned what is now known as the 'competition' and 'health-benefits' forms. These forms are mostly devoid of Taijiquan principles and combative elements; and their primary focus is on callisthenic ability and aesthetic appearance.


Most Taijiquan instructors lack a full understanding of its martial nature and the accompanying health benefits. Master Peter Wu teaches Taijiquan as a martial art and in the process still helps you to improve your health and fitness.

With Master Peter Wu, you will learn about:

- The unique characteristics of each Taijiquan style
- The principles governing the practice of Taijiquan
- The martial applications of the Taijiquan forms
- The subtle but powerful generation of internal power
- Taijiquan self-defence


Thereby enhancing your understanding and appreciation of Taijiquan.

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