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 About Master Peter Wu  

Master Peter Wu Shi-zeng has been practising Taijiquan for over 40 years, including 20 years of teaching in China. He is eminently qualified to teach this martial art, having studied in China under some of the greatest modern masters such as grandmaster Hong Jun-sheng (student of grandmaster Chen Fa-ke) and grandmaster Liu Ji-shun (student of grandmaster Hao Sau-ru). Master Wu specialities are in the Chen and Wu (Hao) styles. Many of his students have won gold medals in International and other tournaments. Through his own extensive research and study Master Wu has added to and refined the theory and application of Taijiquan.


Master Wu is an experienced instructor of international repute. He has taught and conducted workshops overseas as well as within Australian states. In addition, he has written many articles on various aspects of Taijiquan which were published in international Tai Chi magazines.

Master Wu now teaches in Melbourne at several venues, offering private or group tuition. Students are taught progressively from basic to advanced level. Certificates are awarded on successful completion of each grade.


Master Wu is highly adept in the Chen, Yang, Wu, and Wu (Hao) styles of Taijiquan, and is able to teach forms and principles from any of them. His particular specialities are the Chen and Hao styles. Having studied all the major styles of Taijiquanhas enabled Master Wu to discern the important principles which make Taijiquan unique compared to other martial arts.


Master Wu's teaching focuses on select series from the traditional sequences. These selections have been chosen to efficiently impart the essence of each particular style of Taijiquan. Master Wu personally teaches the movements, emphasising the unique characteristics of each style and the subtle but powerful generation of internal power.

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