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Video Demonstrations

After the first day of workshop in Gold Coast QLD on May 6th 2017, a student asked Master Wu how Fafang (发放) can be performed when sitting on a chair. What if one is lifted up, can they still Fafang? One student, who attended the workshop for the first time wanted to experience Fafang. Tried many times and were very interested. In fact, Master Wu said his force (Jing) was relatively simple. So it was easy to Fafang.

Master Wu explained how to use shovel force (铲劲) in Fafang.

Question time after the second day of workshop in Gold Coast QLD on September 15th 2019, student wanted to experience the throw technique in Lv Cai's(捋采)application. After the first time, the student asked for stronger power. Then also the throw technique in Dodge Using the Back(闪通背). They all require hands for control, but mostly leg power to Fafang.

Second day's afternoon in the workshop in Gold Coast QLD on September 15th 2019, practicing push hands in TaoChaBu(套插步).One student asked Master Wu to Ji (挤) when he was Lv Cai (捋采). It is important that, when being Lv Cai, arms are relaxed and following partner's force. Once controlled, then Fafang use power from the leg.

Push hands session in the workshop on January 8th 2020, student asked how to FaJing (发劲) once arms locked. The principle is the same - follow his force and deflect it to the feet then circle back. Any angle is the same.

Question time before the March 8th 2020 workshop ended, student asked why they were not getting the results they wanted. This was because when taking partner's force, their arms did not keep the extension and, rather, became relaxed in order to deflect. This is incorrect. Crotch and leg should be relaxed to deflect partner's force to feet and circled back onto them. When two partner's practicing, they should help checking each other's force to improve together.

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